My hens have started laying!

I bought some eggs on ebay in August, which I stuck in the incubator, and finally, in the last couple of weeks, the hens have started laying!

And today, I put a listing on ebay to sell some of their fertile eggs for hatching, and can’t believe that I’ve already sold 2 lots!

Here are some of my lovely Buff Sussex hens and cockerels.


I’ll put up some more pictures of them roaming the garden later – this is just to ‘show them off’ – smile!

The Chicken Swing!


This is not an advert!

However, it is a genuine item for sale, which made me laugh when I saw it!

It’s not a bad idea, but if you want your chickens to have fun, you could easily make it yourself – from a couple of ropes slung over a tree branch and a piece of wood! my new retail website, is now active!


I’ve written a blog about some of the problems I’ve had along the way,  which you can see


but the most important thing I wanted to tell you is that all readers and their friends are welcome to use the coupon below for 5% off your first order on!


Just to let you know, if you are on the newz from julz mailing list, I am sending you a coupon for a 10% off your first order – it may not work if you have used the 5% one already!

I look forward to hearing from you!

website black-julzlogo

Coming Soon –

I’ve been rather busy for the last month or two, and haven’t got round to posting anything on ‘the spare’ for a while now!

I was about to talk about some music – I’ve just been playing some of the old compilations I put together on discs sometime ago – finding out which ones still play!

my discs aren’t actually broken – but if they don’t play, they might as well be!

It’s really irritating when the disc you suddenly NEED to hear, seems to be defective!

I do have some of the original files I downloaded all those years ago from Limewire on my i-player – but at the time I had a old desktop computer that didn’t have the amazing amounts of storage space that’s possible these days.  So, I transferred lots of the music onto discs, and now I’m finding that some of the discs won’t play!

Anyway – I didn’t want to resort to finding something on U-Tube, as I have done every time I write about a song or the singer and thought I’d copy the file here.

But I can’t find out how to do it!  I haven’t used i-player for ages, I’m sure I used to be able to send files by email once upon a time – but when I hit copy on a particular song – and try to paste it here – nothing happens!

Does anyone know how to do it?  Can’t find a ‘share’ button either!

So instead:

I thought I’d tell you about the new website! (thinks – am I making a mistake by linking ‘broken discs’ to my new venture?)

Am being lazy here, and copying the newz from julz email I sent out to the people on my mailing list yesterday – with some edits – smile


After a really long build up – it’s taken me ages to put it together – my new website
will be up & running by 28 February – a year after the landslip!
if you are already on my mailing list, I will be sending you a coupon code for
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Anyone who isn’t already on my mailing list can register before 28 February.
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I look forward to seeing you there!
website black-julzlogo
Hmm – some of the spacing I put in isn’t working!
Sorry about that!

RSPB Bird Watch

I did the RSPB Bird Watch yesterday,  and wouldn’t you know it – there were less birds around than I’d seen all week!  Well it was raining most of the day, and the deal is, you count what you see in 1 hour only – I’ve posted my results just now, as its raining again today and I won’t get any better results!

However, I have got an area where I’ve hung up a few bird feeders, and I took these pictures last week.  First bird pictures I’ve taken!


great tit – I think – perching on the wooden bird feeder


a robin just approaching the bird feeder


Happy New Year! and see below for info about my Sale on Etsy & my series on The Twelve Days of Christmas …..

My “12 days of Christmas Sale” is running in my ETSY SHOP 

For more details, please see my post on

I have also been writing a series of posts, on, linked to the Christmas Carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, and following parts of a post that I found online, originally published in Backyard Poultry Magazine (2013).

I should have written it on this blog, as its about the birds & poultry featured in the Carol.  So I’m belatedly, copying today’s post here, and if you are interested, you can check out the rest of the posts, and the one’s planned to continue until the end of the 12 Days period between Christmas Day and Epiphany (6 January).

Exploring the 12 Days of Christmas History and Life in the 18th Century  

Five Gold Rings


Illustration of “five gold rings”, from the first known publication of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” (1780)


I’m deviating from the original article I have been basing this series on for the 5th Day of Christmas, as its difficult enough to relate Gold Rings to birds, although this “may have referred to Ring-Necked Pheasants, or perhaps to Golden Pheasants. Those original meanings unify the verses around a bird motif.

Both of them are natives of Asia but have long had successful populations in Europe and the British Isles. The Romans probably introduced them to Europe during their Empire. Pheasant were accepted residents of Britain by the 10th century.” 

I’m not convinced this is the best interpretation!  After all, the whole song is not just about birds, but it’s fun to try and link them anyway – and FIVE gold rings do seem to be a bit excessive, even if it was for a ‘true love’!

The Radio 4 “Tweet of the Day” has chosen another bird, and you can hear it here;


a British Goldfinch in flight showing the yellow ‘flash’ on wing feathers – some American Goldfinch have bright yellow bodies!

“As actress Alison Steadman outlines the refrain Five Gold Rings in the song is a recent thing, having emerged as an Edwardian addition to the song when Frederic Austen composed the music we know and love today. Yet in the century before that, a small colourful bird captivated Victorian society like no other. The goldfinch.”

PS:  In the past, some international readers have had problems listening to BBC iPlayer links – especially in the USA.  If you manage to get to the page without any problems, you may be able to download the file – its only 2 minutes long – and listen to it on iTunes.

Please do let me know if you have any difficulties, or even if you can access it – as its good to know.  You may have to register with the BBC site – this is a consequence of the new rules and regulations on paying for tv licences if you watch programmes online. A pity really, because the BBC always prided itself that it was available worldwide!