Settle, Lancliffe, Stainforth, Yorkshire Dales.

this is such a well put together set of instructions for an absolutely beautiful walk in the Yorkshire Dales


Magnificent Limestone Scenery.Magnificent Limestone Scenery. (Left click all images to increase in size)

This is a beautiful walk that includes the Ribbles loveliest bridge, Cravens finest waterfall, and spectacular limestone scenery. Setting off from Settle market place, follow the uphill road to the left Constitution Hill. The road takes a sharp left turn at the top,  just a short distance ahead take the right turn following the stony uphill lane. Go through the gate at the top and follow the footpath straight ahead, in the direction of Winskill.




A few hundred yards ahead after passing through the second gate (above Photo) cross the wooden stile as seen in the lower photograph above. From here follow the footpath across the field and alongside the small area of woodland ahead, then down to the village of Langcliffe clearly seen to your left down below. The footpath brings you out to the church gates, cross…

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