rocking all over the world (the acoustic status quo)

p0296gjfI’ve never been a fan of Status Quo – I’ve enjoyed their hits, like anyone else, and I enjoyed their cameo roles in Coronation Street – and it occurred to me much later, that I once shared a car with one of them on a trip to London with a drummer friend of mine – and I hadn’t recognised him! But I’ve just had the biggest laugh in ages, watching these ‘old men’ playing acoustic versions of their hits, including Rocking All Over the World on a repeat of their 2014 concert at the Roundhouse, which was filmed for the BBC and shown tonight on BBC4. No I wasn’t laughing at them – the sight of them sitting down, with an orchestra and violins – was funny enough, but the laugh aloud moment came for me, when the camera showed the audience of oldies (sorry) singing along with them and having such fun – it was great to see!  (You might be able to catch it on BBC’s iPlayer if you want to see the whole concert.) I just looked to see if I could find a clip for you, the photo is from that concert – and look what I found instead!

12 thoughts on “rocking all over the world (the acoustic status quo)

      1. Oh my gosh! It just occurred to me. Were they in Band Aid? The original? I remember hearing these two quirky guys singing that during the making of Band Aid, “Do They Know It’s Christmas.” I LOVE it when something from the past comes for a visit!

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          1. Actually, I found the exact band Aid youtube I remembered. Yes, it’s them. I have to say that it’s good to see the ‘old folks’ keeping on with their passion.


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