4 thoughts on “J is for Julz Craft Supplies

  1. As Bev said, Julie really is a jewel ! I have received the silk yarns very fast, considering that I live at the other edge of Europe and they are gorgeous. I will find a special model to knitt it. Thank you very much !


  2. Julz, you are a jewel. So friendly and helpful. Always enjoy reading your blog and so glad I found you. Wish we were closer to meet in person, we seem to have so many interests in common, from chickens (and I assume gardening?) to spinning and weaving. I really need to take that blogging 101, but missed the start date:(
    I would never have guessed where the picture that is your banner came from, I would have guessed a textured painting or a close-up picture of nicely dyed wisps of wool:)
    Looking forward to the arrival of my order and to reading your next post.


    1. hi Bev, yes we do seem to have a lot in common, and at least the internet allows us a virtual meet – smile – thanks for the comment – smile


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