V is for Vampire – Naked Neck Chickens ……

VA friend of mine has a thing for naked neck chickens, and when I needed a companion for Missy, my Barbu d’uccle – see my previous post – in a hurry, I went to see her to buy something, anything, immediately!

There weren’t many she was prepared to sell – as she proudly showed me around the pen, and pointed out her naked necks.

Yuck I said – they look like Vampires.

In the end she sold me a black silkie cross for a fiver – she’s now called fiver – because, she had been an unsuccessful attempt to breed a naked neck with a silkie – and she doesn’t have a naked neck – does she`?

fiver was bought for £5

fiver was bought for £5

I hate to think what might happen if I let her sit on her own eggs – what kind of monster chicks might emerge!

NakedNeck_m_600This is what naked neck chickens look like, they actually originate from Transylvania, so they really could be VAMPIRES!

Apparently there is a rather sinister reason they still exist, the breed was refined by German breeders, because they have about half as many feathers as normal chickens and thus are easier to pluck, when preparing for the table!

naked neck chick

naked neck chick

Oddly enough, the naked necks do not seem to affect their ability to flourish – “They are very good foragers and are immune to most diseases. The breed is also reasonably cold hardy despite its lack of feathers. Naked Neck roosters carry a single comb, and the neck and head often become very bright red from increased sun exposure.” (Wikipedia)

5 thoughts on “V is for Vampire – Naked Neck Chickens ……

    1. I’m proud of you Elle – you have come a long way – smile – if you were down the road, I’d get you over so you could pick her up!
      Yes, she is special – I just always thought of her as the young scruffy 5 month old I was sold when I was desperate – but a visitor pointed out to me only the other day that she’s pretty amazing these days!

      I just don’t want to breed from her if she’s got naked neck genes – cos, as you can tell, I think its cruel to breed such ugly chickens.


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