Obesity – its all Nixon’s fault!

SugarThere has been a series of interesting radio programmes on – my favourite – BBC Radio 4 – oddly in the comedy slot at 6.30 pm, about modern addictions.

Coffee, tobacco, alcohol, and the last one has been a stunning forensic look at sugar, and how, for all the best reasons, Richard Nixon changed the American diet, and as a result, we have all become dependent, and “hooked on” SUGAR, and diabetes has become a widespread problem.

It’s worth checking it out for yourself – This is the direct link to the BBC page where you can find all the 4 episodes of


And you can hear the SUGAR episode here:


The iPlayer service allows only one month for you to access this, and its currently saying you have 29 days left to listen!

Those who know me, will know that I am the last person to go on about dieting, and hate the constant food fads, and “bad food fads” that litter the media.

But I have to say this programme has convinced me!  I have always thought there was something wrong with sugar substitutes too, so please listen, and make your own mind up!

On the subject of healthy food and diets etc, you may also like to have a look at Sophie Cussen’s piece on Diet Development.

And on the subject of the BBC, please have a look at my post on julzcrafts.com – and perhaps you might like to add your name to the petition to HELP SAVE OUR BBC from the machinations of David Cameron et al!


8 thoughts on “Obesity – its all Nixon’s fault!

  1. I enjoyed reading your post (and Sophie’s) – you both make some great points. I moved from adding sugar to set honey in my coffee several years ago. It’s a richer taste and I seem to need less. I’m convinced it helps me avoid the chesty coughs I often had before. I’m not sure whether it would work out well in your tea though!


    1. thanks – no honey doesn’t work with tea – unless you take it very weak and without milk – not the British tradition – smile
      glad you enjoyed this – did you listen to the programme? Its annoying that iplayer only keeps them available for a month (it used to be just 7 days) so it won’t be there for much longer, and the points are really theirs!


      1. I didn’t listen to the radio show – I only ever listen when I’m driving for some reason. It’s rare I use iPlayer too, though you’ve reminded me I do have a couple of things on my ‘to watch’ list. They’re usually out of date by the time I get round to them. I never got to watch the two part season finale of the last Doctor Who series for example.


        1. yes, I find it awkward to watch tv on the computer, but the radio stuff is easier, cos you can do other things while you’re listening – just thought you might like to listen – it IS a comedy programme!


  2. That was a very interesting R4 programme. I like the way they use comedy. Sugar is most certainly a big commodity, historically and now. While the fat debates carry on sugar is very clear cut, it’s bad and that’s that (or is it?). There is no way around that from a health point of view but what is interesting is how it got to be such a major ingredient in all of our foods because that’s where this food went from a perfectly fine ingredient to use in home cooking, to enhance food and enjoy it as a treat to a major cause for death because of how it’s been used and manipulated by the big food industries!

    It’s also a very interesting culture thing. Having been to NYC I was expecting everything to drip in sugar but it wasn’t because they are banning it where they can, thus changing the culture of it. I think banning it is quite a good idea not because I want my food to be policed but simply because I’m weak willed and so I’d rather someone else makes the decision and keep me healthy.

    From a personal point of view, I do think sugar is addictive. I can quite happily avoid all cakes, ice cream, boiled sweets, and jellies, but I can’t drink my tea without sugar and if there is a bar or solid chocolate about I won’t avoid it!

    Thanks for sharing this 🙂


    1. I’m glad you found it both funny and useful. Interesting to know that NYC is into banning sugar!

      I actually thought all the fuss about sugar was just another fad until I heard this – but – I’ve no qualms in using it and, like you, I take sugar in my tea – lots of cups a day – smile, and love chocolate and not going to let anyone make me feel guilty for that – smile!

      On the other hand carbonated drinks are a problem, and as I said before, I don’t think the artificial sugar ones are safe either – I used to use sweeteners, but altho’ I’ve not seen anything particular about this subject – its too dangerous perhaps? (I mean the companies that produce it have lived off the “good for you” ticket for so long that they would resist any criticism) But my private theory is that there is something in them that is worse than the natural sugar, and that, together with the combination of the super unsaturated fats that have been used for years, have a lot to do with the many bloated people that you see in the States, and now here too!

      The bit that was really re-assuring in the programme was that “fat is good for you” – tasty and naturally used by the body – smile – well – in moderation as always – and I do love butter!

      Thanks for you long comment, and good luck in working around all the “don’t eats” – smile


  3. I don’t really like the concept of ‘bad foods’ either but I will admit that we in the U.S. Put way too much sugar and preservatives in our foods. Not to mention colors, artificial flavor and things that just shouldn’t be in food.

    And then we go and put cheaper prices on all the really bad for you stuff, while the all natural stuff is too expensive for many people to buy. It’s a sad commentary on how we really view health and nutrition.


    1. unfortunately that’s how its getting in the UK too – why I put this up was because if you actually listen to the programme, it explains how the diet got that way – Nixon was trying to find a way to get farmers making a living and providing enough food – but there were side effects and the usual corruption ……..

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