“If you want eggs, take care of the hen”

chickens in grass pastureOddly I found this quote in an article about a Japanese billionaire, Kazuo Inamori, who is a Buddhist Priest, and is talking about his business philosophy.

The hens in this quote refer to the workers in his companies, and he believes that the recipe for success is to look after your staff and your customers.

This advice is directly in opposition to the usual business rules that the shareholders are the people to consider first!

Well as all you fellow poultry keepers will know, a happy and well fed chicken will certainly give you eggs – so there might be more than a grain of truth in this quote – smile.

This philosophy could equally apply to any organisation, and even to politics – wouldn’t it be nice if the current British Government thought again about how to re-organise the tax credit system, instead of trying to starve the workers!

If you want to read the original article please click HERE

4 thoughts on ““If you want eggs, take care of the hen”

  1. As a very small business, I guess my customers are my hens, but with wearing many hats, this children’s book quote comes to mind “I’ll do it myself said the little red hen, and she did!” Maybe this means we need to take better care of ourselves?


    1. Like the idea of following thro the quote idea – smile – in small business terms, we ARE the staff, so yes, of course, we need to look after ourselves, and take care of our customers, AND we have no one else to blame if we get it wrong!

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  2. I think my rooster, Dots, lives by this creed. When I give the flock treats, he takes a taste or two and then stands back for the girls to get their fair share. 🙂


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