Brexit, Austerity and Money

BRITAIN-EU-POLITICS-BREXIT-BUDGETWe have just had the latest budget from Philip Hammond – he’s trying to turn round the vicious effects of Austerity with one hand tied behind his back – or is it both hands?

He told us how badly the country was doing, Austerity didn’t work (I never thought it would) and we are still borrowing huge amounts to keep afloat. And that growth is likely to be slow or non existent for the next 5 years.

But really, its not that bad, somehow we are going to find the money to build lots of much needed houses, rescue the NHS, sort out the Universal Credit Scheme (by leaving the hardworking low income families without any money over the Christmas period) –  and giving lots of concessions to the rich.

AND at the same time we are preparing to offer the European Union 40 Billion (pounds or euros – does it matter?) as a ‘divorce’ settlement, so that they might condescend to talk to David Davies about future trading arrangements.

Are we are all swallowing this??  There is a major mismatch here, and yet, so far I’ve not heard any of the media point it out.

And then, there is the latest nasty little snub from the European Union, that despite the fact that we all knew we were leaving, they allowed various British Cities to spend money competing to become Cultural icons, designed to attract lots of tourists – and have only just told them that of course they won’t get picked – we won’t be in the European Union by then!

I want us to get out of Europe – if you had any qualms about it – just look at the way they are treating us – and always did if truth be known.  They seem to have just wanted us for our money all along……..and guess what!


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