Puppy sees his first Snow!


Took this picture this morning – yes its snowing in West Wales.  Yes its my puppy – I’ve had him since 1st November, and I’ve resisted the impulse to put pictures of him up until now, but I think I can share this one!

3 thoughts on “Puppy sees his first Snow!

  1. Cute puppy! What’s his name? And you’ve got snow! Cold here in Florida but no snow. My kids in Atlanta, Georgia got tons of it this week. They usually just get a little in January or February. The grandkids had a blast! Stay warm Jules! ~Elle


    1. thanks – he’s a darling – tho just at the moment he’s at the biting stage – I’m nearly winning that battle – smile. yes today is the first snow, and its really pretty – tho’ lots of people are going to have trouble going to work tomorrow!

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