Waiting for Rain – in Wales!

At 3am this morning I opened the window to find it was raining – I nearly did a dance!

This Wales – Carmarthenshire in Mid Wales – where it rains so much that we often yearn for a few days of dry weather.  But this year, as many of you will know, we have just had 8 weeks without any rain, and the hottest weather I can ever remember – often over 30 degrees C.

The first few days were great, especially as they were in May, when despite everyone’s idea of summer being August – the end of May is usually the hottest time of the year.  Just when all the exams are going on!

It’s got boring having hot weather for nearly two months, and really – no rain at all!  I had lots of work to do in my relatively new garden – it has been too hot to do any digging, and anyway, there was no point in planting anything without being able to water it copiously every day – so most of the plants I bought are in large plant pots for the duration. In other parts of the garden, the soil is so dry that it’s just powder.

I’m wondering about what is left of my old garden in Ystalyfera – half of which went down the hill during a period of heavy rain in February 2017.  It’s been just as dry in the Swansea Valley, and any heavy rain could create new landslips.

There have been a few false hopes – weather forecasts were showing some showers – but they never came here – I’ve felt a few rain drops once in a while, but they soon disappeared, and there have been grey skies for a couple of days – but no rain!

I’m not expecting much today either – the rain at 3 am was a light shower, but its gone now!

Being rural Wales, the real problem is not my garden, but the farms not being able to grow food, and the hay having to be harvested now, because the grass is so dry that nothing is growing.  Expect the price of food to go up as a result.

So I am still Waiting for Rain – and so is half the country!  Hose pipe bans are threatened.


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