self portrait

self portrait

I called this site “the spare” because I have another blog on wordpress, julzcrafts.com, which is mainly about textile crafts and an adjunct to the range of craft supplies I sell.

I wanted to use this one to test different themes, before I applied them to ‘the real one’.  

Initially it was a private site, which is why I subtitled it “A place to play”!

However, I started putting up some of the portfolio of photographs that I took over the 30+ years when I was a serious photographer, and carried on ’til I decided to put up the ranges of greetings cards I have published – so it has now turned into a full blown blog! 

I also keep chickens and started putting up some photos of them and whilst I was doing in A-Z Challenge, and this has developed into a theme, that I will be adding to along the way.

Click on the picture of the chick to find the Archive Page with a list of all the posts about Chickens and Poultry.

“the spare” is also the place where I talk about some of my favourite music, rant about various issues and generally play!

I hope you enjoy your time here – smile.

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