New Photoshop tools for your photos – free to download until 5 September


Image created by Nicolle Rodriguez, using the Looking Glass action set and an Adobe Stock photo

Actually, I don’t use Photoshop – as I don’t really need it to enhance my photos – and I just never worked out how to use it!  But sometimes you come across something that really stands out – and I love this photograph, and the special effects.

This is one of the new tools that are available on Adobe Create that I found on “Creative Boom”   They are free to download for those of you that use Photoshop, until 5 September.  There are various sets – and you can find the links for the downloads on their site, or by going direct to

Have Fun!

Olive Eggs??

As a keeper of chickens, I subscribe to a few websites that periodically give advice or information, but as I have been keeping chickens for over 20 years, I don’t usually find a lot of new information, tho’ its always useful to keep informed of the ‘latest trends’ – smile.

But this time, I did find something new!  Countryside Network, an American website has me stumped!  Did you know you can mix breeds to give you an olive coloured egg?

20160413_1052201-500x375Except they don’t look very olive to me!


I’m wondering whether this is a hoax, but it seems, from the list of suppliers of mixed breeds, that it’s actually an advert!

Testimonial from an Olive Egger chicken owner: “I had really wanted to add some olive green eggs to my egg basket for a long time, and was concentrating more on the egg color than on the chicken breed itself, but now having raised Olive Egger chickens for several years, I can tell you that they are some of my favorite hens. Mine are a cross between a Black Ameraucana and a Black Copper Marans, so they’re solid black with the trademark Ameraucana cheek puffs, and one has the feathered feet of a Marans too! Unlike Marans who I find a bit standoffish, and Amerauanas which can be skittish, their offspring, the Olive Egger chicken, is a chatty, friendly hen who I think has retained some of the best qualities of each of their parents. My Olive Eggers are more consistent layers than my Ameraucanas, which is nice. They are extremely cold-hardy, but don’t seem overly bothered by heat either. They are on the smallish side, definitely more Amerauana-sized than Marans-sized, but their eggs are good-sized. They are fairly talkative chickens, but they tend to chatter quietly and rarely cluck loudly. They have been a wonderful addition to my backyard flock.” – Lisa Steele, from


Comb: Varies

Popular Use: Eggs and meat

: None recognized, as this is not a standard breed

: Varies

Skin Color
: Varies

Weight: Usually large, but varies based on breeding

It really isn’t an Olive Egger chicken if it is
: Not a cross. Favaucanas, Ameraucanas, and Aruacanas have been known to lay greenish eggs from time to time, but are not considered Olive Egger chickens.


And – talking about crossing breeds – I’m pleased to report that 7 out of the 9 eggs I put in the incubator just over three weeks ago, from my free range mix of Buff Sussex and Speckled Sussex breeds have hatched (plus a few silkie eggs I bought) and I will be taking some photographs of them soon, to show you – smile.

You can see the pure breed pictures here and here.


Easter Weekend and its raining – So ….

I came across this quote from one of those sites that seems to have my email address, and sometimes has useful information ….. this one just seemed to fit my mood.

I managed to get some work done in the garden yesterday, in between the rain, but the forecast for the rest of the week is pretty dire – so today – I’m just playing – smile.

I put up a few more of my chicken pics on my other blog – – under the title of Easter Eggs yesterday – and as I had some problems uploading the photos I’m being lazy about putting them up here.

Hope you enjoy the Easter break in your own way – smile.

The Chicken Swing!


This is not an advert!

However, it is a genuine item for sale, which made me laugh when I saw it!

It’s not a bad idea, but if you want your chickens to have fun, you could easily make it yourself – from a couple of ropes slung over a tree branch and a piece of wood! my new retail website, is now active!


I’ve written a blog about some of the problems I’ve had along the way,  which you can see


but the most important thing I wanted to tell you is that all readers and their friends are welcome to use the coupon below for 5% off your first order on!


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I look forward to hearing from you!

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Coming Soon –

I’ve been rather busy for the last month or two, and haven’t got round to posting anything on ‘the spare’ for a while now!

I was about to talk about some music – I’ve just been playing some of the old compilations I put together on discs sometime ago – finding out which ones still play!

my discs aren’t actually broken – but if they don’t play, they might as well be!

It’s really irritating when the disc you suddenly NEED to hear, seems to be defective!

I do have some of the original files I downloaded all those years ago from Limewire on my i-player – but at the time I had a old desktop computer that didn’t have the amazing amounts of storage space that’s possible these days.  So, I transferred lots of the music onto discs, and now I’m finding that some of the discs won’t play!

Anyway – I didn’t want to resort to finding something on U-Tube, as I have done every time I write about a song or the singer and thought I’d copy the file here.

But I can’t find out how to do it!  I haven’t used i-player for ages, I’m sure I used to be able to send files by email once upon a time – but when I hit copy on a particular song – and try to paste it here – nothing happens!

Does anyone know how to do it?  Can’t find a ‘share’ button either!

So instead:

I thought I’d tell you about the new website! (thinks – am I making a mistake by linking ‘broken discs’ to my new venture?)

Am being lazy here, and copying the newz from julz email I sent out to the people on my mailing list yesterday – with some edits – smile


After a really long build up – it’s taken me ages to put it together – my new website
will be up & running by 28 February – a year after the landslip!
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I look forward to seeing you there!
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Hmm – some of the spacing I put in isn’t working!
Sorry about that!