Obesity – its all Nixon’s fault!

SugarThere has been a series of interesting radio programmes on – my favourite – BBC Radio 4 – oddly in the comedy slot at 6.30 pm, about modern addictions.

Coffee, tobacco, alcohol, and the last one has been a stunning forensic look at sugar, and how, for all the best reasons, Richard Nixon changed the American diet, and as a result, we have all become dependent, and “hooked on” SUGAR, and diabetes has become a widespread problem.

It’s worth checking it out for yourself – This is the direct link to the BBC page where you can find all the 4 episodes of


And you can hear the SUGAR episode here:


The iPlayer service allows only one month for you to access this, and its currently saying you have 29 days left to listen!

Those who know me, will know that I am the last person to go on about dieting, and hate the constant food fads, and “bad food fads” that litter the media.

But I have to say this programme has convinced me!  I have always thought there was something wrong with sugar substitutes too, so please listen, and make your own mind up!

On the subject of healthy food and diets etc, you may also like to have a look at Sophie Cussen’s piece on Diet Development.

And on the subject of the BBC, please have a look at my post on julzcrafts.com – and perhaps you might like to add your name to the petition to HELP SAVE OUR BBC from the machinations of David Cameron et al!


X is for – Xtra, Xtra – read all about it!

XThis is the newz according to Julz!

Readers of this blog may have noticed I have a campaigning streak – I’m not sure what you think about it, but its in my genes!

My other blog – julzcrafts.com – as well as being about crafts and all kinds of information that might be useful to knitters, quilters, spinners & weavers etc, is where I find that sometimes, I can’t help but get on my soap box about matters that matter!

I have used this last week of the A-Z challenge to do a review of these campaigns, and to remind people of the issues – if you’d like to see what I am talking about – please go and have a look!

The last two posts in this series will be posted on this blog, and I promise you, are totally frivolous – its been a hard slog to post something each day for a month and its time I had some jokes and stuff on these pages – smile!

Q is for Quilts for Peace

QThere is a long tradition of group quilting.  Tales abound of neighbourly Quilt Circles who, from necessity, helped each other to make the everyday quilts for bedding, from scraps of material, often cut from old clothes.

A more modern tradition has grown up within protest groups and others working for causes, to make group peace quilts, or protest quilts.  I have picked a few out from my internet search, for you to have a look at.  Perhaps they will inspire you to make something similar within your own group?

You can see the rest of this post on julzcrafts.com