New Photoshop tools for your photos – free to download until 5 September


Image created by Nicolle Rodriguez, using the Looking Glass action set and an Adobe Stock photo

Actually, I don’t use Photoshop – as I don’t really need it to enhance my photos – and I just never worked out how to use it!  But sometimes you come across something that really stands out – and I love this photograph, and the special effects.

This is one of the new tools that are available on Adobe Create that I found on “Creative Boom”   They are free to download for those of you that use Photoshop, until 5 September.  There are various sets – and you can find the links for the downloads on their site, or by going direct to

Have Fun!

A few pics of my new chicks …

I just love this photo – my dog has watched over the new chicks since they hatched – despite his reservations with the grown up chickens – he has become very protective of their offspring.  This chick regularly sits on the top edge of their cardboard box, and he worries that it will jump out, so here he is nudging it back into the box!


This chick is 3 weeks old and is probably a pure breed Buff Sussex

2 day old mixed chicks

These are some of the chicks at two days old, there are a couple of silkies in the batch, but most of them are the eggs from my own chickens – the Buff Sussex and Speckled Sussex shown below.

As they are free range, the chicks could be pure breeds or crosses of the two breeds – I will have to wait until they are fully grown to be sure, and am looking forward to seeing what the crosses look like – hopefully they will have interesting markings!

These are some of the other chicks at 3 weeks old.

Easter Weekend and its raining – So ….

I came across this quote from one of those sites that seems to have my email address, and sometimes has useful information ….. this one just seemed to fit my mood.

I managed to get some work done in the garden yesterday, in between the rain, but the forecast for the rest of the week is pretty dire – so today – I’m just playing – smile.

I put up a few more of my chicken pics on my other blog – – under the title of Easter Eggs yesterday – and as I had some problems uploading the photos I’m being lazy about putting them up here.

Hope you enjoy the Easter break in your own way – smile.

My hens have started laying!

I bought some eggs on ebay in August, which I stuck in the incubator, and finally, in the last couple of weeks, the hens have started laying!

And today, I put a listing on ebay to sell some of their fertile eggs for hatching, and can’t believe that I’ve already sold 2 lots!

Here are some of my lovely Buff Sussex hens and cockerels.


I’ll put up some more pictures of them roaming the garden later – this is just to ‘show them off’ – smile!

RSPB Bird Watch

I did the RSPB Bird Watch yesterday,  and wouldn’t you know it – there were less birds around than I’d seen all week!  Well it was raining most of the day, and the deal is, you count what you see in 1 hour only – I’ve posted my results just now, as its raining again today and I won’t get any better results!

However, I have got an area where I’ve hung up a few bird feeders, and I took these pictures last week.  First bird pictures I’ve taken!


great tit – I think – perching on the wooden bird feeder


a robin just approaching the bird feeder



My Christmas Card With All Good Wishes to YOU

It’s one of my old photos, taken on a large format camera – the roll of film slipped.

A happy accident as  I liked the effect so much that I published it as a postcard, and as two different greetings cards.

see – the Julz Cards page, if you want to have a look at my other old cards – smile