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jug with tulips handleTo see the cards, please choose from the drop down list in this section.  Ordering information is on the 5″ square card page.

When I started this blog it was purely as a test blog for my ‘main’ blog which is about crafts – mainly textile crafts – julzcrafts.com.

I had to give it a name for the admin, and for no particular reason, I chose julzcards, because the name didn’t matter much at the time.

Well, I have decided to keep this blog active and use it for a more personal take on things than I normally put on the crafts site, and for going back to my photography roots.

I am an ‘old style’ photographer – I started getting into photography, and especially the joy of developing my own black & white photographs in the darkroom of the college – when I was studying Architecture in the mid 70’s – OK – I’ve given away my age – smile!

Yes, digital hadn’t even been thought of at that time, it was all about clunky cameras with expensive lenses, and rolls of film.

It took me a long time to convert to digital, and I have to confess, I have still not taken to it, and the digital camera I use, even tho’ it looks like an old style camera, just doesn’t fit into my hand like my old Olympus OM1.  And I don’t get the same thrill about the pictures I take these days – well, once in a while it does still happen!

3vert dry stone wall - Version 2For those of you oldies that know what I am talking about, you will recognise the feeling of that extra sensory view of the world around you that you get when you are ‘in the zone’.  Suddenly everything you see has a kind of magic, and magically what you see transmits itself to the film, which you can’t even see until its been developed, but you just know you ‘got the shot’!

Some of those pictures, I decided to get commercially printed into greetings cards, postcards, and prints for framing.

The cards were published between 1995 – 1998, and some of them sold very well – but they weren’t commercial enough for them to be bought in the quantities I’d hoped for, by the gift & stationery retailers.

I sold quite a few at craft fairs, and enjoyed the face to face interaction with customers – I was also selling craft items too – so it was worth trundling the cards around with me!

These days, I use the internet for selling.

And – since I accidentally named ‘the spare’ with the ‘admin name’ of julzcards, I’m gonna take the plunge, and put some of them up here, in this section.  If you like them, they are all available for sale – and even though they are still in excellent condition – I am charging silly prices for them, as it would just be nice to get rid of some of them – smile!

There are various ranges, please choose from the drop down list in this section.  Ordering information is on the 5″ square card page.

page written and posted on 22 February 2015

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