5″ square gift cards

see below for full info – and how to order any of these cards – price 65p each! That’s approx $1 – since you asked!

Fire These are some of the photos I thought would work as gift cards – they are all 5″ square – heavy card, blank inside, so you can use them for any event, and come with good quality matching coloured envelopes.

Your direct price is 65p each – they have been sold for anything between £1.85 – £2.99.

Postage at near cost will be charged – and obviously if you get a few, the postage will work out cheaper per card – minimum P&P charge – £2 

To order, hover over any picture so that you can see the title, or click on any image and it will take you to a slide show of all of them –  and then go to my Get in touch page, and list your order.

I will need to send you a Paypal invoice for safe payment, so please add your name & address, and paypal email address to your message.    You can also add any of the other cards and items from my crafts range to your order.

Once you have paid, I will send your order out as soon as possible.  If you need an international postage quote before you order, just ask!

4 thoughts on “5″ square gift cards

  1. These are lovely Julz! I wish people would send cards like we used to. Now it’s so easy to type into a message on your computer. I need some prices in English please or did I miss that? 😉 ~Elle


    1. hmm – think you did – 65p each – less than £1 (£0.65) – put it in a converter for $ prices – I’m selling them cheap, because they have been around for a while – smile. And yes, part of the reason I no longer seriously try to sell them is that people don’t use cards like they used to – so its – “When life give you lemons – make lemonade”!

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