envelopes sale

kaskad redWhen I published all those cards on the pages above, I also decided to get some envelopes made up, because at the time there was a very limited selection of envelopes around, and I wanted my cards to be distinctive – huh!

Of course, I wasn’t savvy enough to realise that I didn’t need an envelope for every card – who sells every card – not even Hallmark!

So I have been left with boxes and boxes of envelopes!

Anyway, there are three sizes of envelopes – all made up of Kaskad Art Paper – not the usual thin stuff you get with cheap cards – very classy and in lots of different colours.  I don’t even know if they still make Kaskad paper any more – so you can say these are ‘unique’ envelopes.

square envsized to fit the 5″ square cards and made up in 7 colours

purple – grey – mid blue – light blue – red – green – and brown

Price: £3.75 for 50 envelopes of any of the above colours – if I can find them all – smile – or a random mix of colours.

envelopesA6 general purpose envelopes – I originally sold the postcards with a matching coloured envelope – made up in 6 colours

brown – yellow – purple -grey – mid blue and red

These are all cellophane wrapped in packs of 50 – apart from the brown ones – but I can make up a pack of brown easily for you.

Price:  £3 per pack – choose your colours or ask for a mixed selection

large envsized to fit the 8″ x 6″ large cards and postcards, in brown only

Price: £4.50  

for 50 envelopes

I also have some cellophane wraps that fit each size – say £2 for 50 wraps of any size, or mix of sizes.

To order any of these, or any mix of these, please see the information at the bottom of the page for the 5″ square cards.

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