Music Archive

Featured Image -- 1011I occasionally write about musicians, muse about specific songs, provide the lyrics and a u-tube video for you and me to listen to.

I thought I’d start an archive of these posts so we can find them more easily!  Listed in date order …..just click on the titles and they will take you to ….

Apologies – but I have not been keeping up listing posts on this Archive – however, you can find the more recent posts by clicking on “music” in the “click on any subject” section – enjoy!


  1. rocking all over the world (the acoustic status quo)

  2. Greensleeves – a old love song – re blog

  3. sometimes – the songs you are humming – can tell you something…..– Cat Stevens- The Peace Train

  4. I – is for Incidental Music – back to cat stevens – his old songs are still playing in my head! – Oh Very Young

  5. Sing a Song of Summer – John Martyn

  6. When the Blues has the Blues – re-blog

  7. Janis Ian – Tea & Sympathy

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