Tilly’s Miraculous Kittens at around 8 weeks old

Tilly’s Miraculous Kittens are about 8 weeks old now, almost weaned (they are eating cat food but still suckling occasionally), and they are very active!  So active that its almost impossible to catch the action with a camera, even if I happen to have it to hand when I see something funny!  ( I don’t have a smartphone.)

So these pictures are the few I have taken in the last day or two that aren’t blurred – taken when they were sleeping or seemingly posing – smile.

They are absolutely normal kittens, and as Tilly is quite a small cat, I can’t work out whether they are small for their age because of their ordeal, or just small!

I’m keeping the kitten in the first shot, as she was the one that I found first and alerted me to the fact that they’d been born – I’ve called her Xavia (save’yer) – and hopefully I will find good homes for the other three …..