March against BREXIT – London 23 June 2018 – photograph from The Guardian website – apologies for ‘stealing it’!

I am fed up with all the ‘in’s and out’s’ of the discussions about Brexit, and whilst I understand why people were marching to stay in the EU yesterday, I really think that it’s too late to turn back – whatever anyone says – including the members of the House of Lords.


They have backed us into a corner – been totally unfair and pedantic about the “talks”. – they may be trying to avoid the rush of other countries who want to leave the EU, but their attitude of punishing us for leaving has made it truly vicious.


Of course we need to keep our contacts with our European neighbours intact, and any sane negotiator would find a way to continue all the valuable connections – and not keep threatening us that we will lose everything.

I voted LEAVE because I think it’s time to stand on our own, and not be ruled by outside!

At the moment it doesn’t look like anyone knows how to lead these days – we have given away most of our powers,  and sold many of our national assets to ‘foreign’ companies – but trying to stay in the EU now, after all this nasty attitude, would get us nowhere.  We would be the laughing stock within the EU and would be in a far worse situation.


Whatever we do, we will be worse off for a while, but hopefully the politicians will remember what their jobs entailed BEFORE we joined the EU, and start taking decisions that will make Britain work for itself again, and give us back our self esteem as well as our independence!  I hope!

Stop Blaming our MP’s and


Brexit staggers under the burden of ignorance – and DUP leader Arlene Foster

I wouldn’t normally go on about the subject of Brexit, see my previous post, it’s a mess any way you look at it!

Britain PoliticsBut, just as there seemed to be some way through the tangle of money, egos, grandstanding, and the views of 27 European countries half of whom seem to want to  strangle Britain – simply because it NEEDS to leave the group (European Union) ……..  along comes Arlene Foster, leader of the DUP (Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party) who are now ‘propping up’ Teresa May’s fragile majority in the House of Commons, and refuses to play ball.

OK, she has a point.  After all those years when terrorism reigned in Ireland, and the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland was a killing field, we have finally had a few years of peace, a peace that took years and much work to achieve, and no one wants to go back.

The border at Killeen (viewed from the UK side) marked only by a metric (km/h) speed limit sign

And yet. when we leave the European Union we will have a glaring weak spot.  Eire is not part of ‘Great Britain’ and therefore are able to stay in ‘Europe’, Northern Ireland is, and will be leaving Europe.  All that will separate the European Union and the ‘United Kingdom’ will be a rambling border that runs through a great deal of unpopulated rural country, and border security is almost impossible to regulate.


Even worse, all the politicians and those wise people who would normally say “this is the answer to the problem”, literally cannot see any way to solve it.  So we were going to try and continue our negotiations with a “fudge” –  ie: give us time, we’ll solve it somehow!

As I said before, I want us to leave the European Union, but we will always be part of Europe.  Its nothing to do with immigration, as I see it, its about keeping our independence.  When we joined in 1973 – and finally had a referendum in 1975 – no one expected that most of our laws would be made by Europe, or that we would be so tangled  up with rules about how straight a cucumber should be!  Let alone how expensive membership has become.

The Leaders of the Union are not actually voted for by the membership, and those making the negotiations so difficult for us have no political validity for their role.  We have been gradually allowing them to have the decision making status for the UK, without actually realising where they are taking us.  Plans are afoot to form armies, and tighter regulations to keep the members of the EU from making their own laws, as well as fiscal decisions.

To my mind, its definately time to get out.  It’s been great at times, there has been a lot of collaboration across the continent, within individual businesses and universities.  There is no reason for us not to continue with those, but we have become rather like children, allowing the parents to make all our decisions.


If only we knew how to do it!  We seem to have lost the ability to make sensible plans as the recent budget showed, and to have run down the NHS and the social services so badly with the Austerity Programme, that we have very little left that works, and have sold off so many of our assets

that we no longer own a great deal of our country!

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Brexit, Austerity and Money

BRITAIN-EU-POLITICS-BREXIT-BUDGETWe have just had the latest budget from Philip Hammond – he’s trying to turn round the vicious effects of Austerity with one hand tied behind his back – or is it both hands?

He told us how badly the country was doing, Austerity didn’t work (I never thought it would) and we are still borrowing huge amounts to keep afloat. And that growth is likely to be slow or non existent for the next 5 years.

But really, its not that bad, somehow we are going to find the money to build lots of much needed houses, rescue the NHS, sort out the Universal Credit Scheme (by leaving the hardworking low income families without any money over the Christmas period) –  and giving lots of concessions to the rich.

AND at the same time we are preparing to offer the European Union 40 Billion (pounds or euros – does it matter?) as a ‘divorce’ settlement, so that they might condescend to talk to David Davies about future trading arrangements.

Are we are all swallowing this??  There is a major mismatch here, and yet, so far I’ve not heard any of the media point it out.

And then, there is the latest nasty little snub from the European Union, that despite the fact that we all knew we were leaving, they allowed various British Cities to spend money competing to become Cultural icons, designed to attract lots of tourists – and have only just told them that of course they won’t get picked – we won’t be in the European Union by then!

I want us to get out of Europe – if you had any qualms about it – just look at the way they are treating us – and always did if truth be known.  They seem to have just wanted us for our money all along……..and guess what!