A few pics of my new chicks …

I just love this photo – my dog has watched over the new chicks since they hatched – despite his reservations with the grown up chickens – he has become very protective of their offspring.  This chick regularly sits on the top edge of their cardboard box, and he worries that it will jump out, so here he is nudging it back into the box!


This chick is 3 weeks old and is probably a pure breed Buff Sussex

2 day old mixed chicks

These are some of the chicks at two days old, there are a couple of silkies in the batch, but most of them are the eggs from my own chickens – the Buff Sussex and Speckled Sussex shown below.

As they are free range, the chicks could be pure breeds or crosses of the two breeds – I will have to wait until they are fully grown to be sure, and am looking forward to seeing what the crosses look like – hopefully they will have interesting markings!

These are some of the other chicks at 3 weeks old.

And a few more chicks ….

chicks in lakeland box – Version 2

This is the second lot of chicks I hatched a few weeks ago, they are about 2 or 3 days old here.  Once again, eggs I bought thro’ ebay.  They are another batch of  buff sussex, from an address far away from the supplier of the first lot, so that I can be sure that they are unrelated and I’ll be able to breed them – which is the plan.  Hopefully I’ll have a few chicks to sell in the spring/summer, and later some very pretty hens at their point of lay.


the same chicks before I found a box for them!

There are also some white silkies in this batch – all are growing well – in fact, I have had to replace this box with a much larger one – but first –

king of the water bottle

this buff sussex chick has managed to jump up on the water bottle – and is now wondering how to get down again!

Their new ‘temporary’ home – they are about 3 weeks old here – and have grown so big that I had to give them two brooders – those things in the box with them – they provide heat for the chicks, and keep them comfortable.

chicks at 3 wks

Call Ducks, Bantams and chicks…..

2call ducks

my two call ducks – brothers who get on really well

I was just sitting in my garden this morning, after feeding all the above, and watching their antics, and thought – Its about time I put a blog up about them all!

Now that I have moved to rural West Wales – for reasons you can find HERE – I can finally keep some chickens again.  I started just looking around the local auction – isn’t it great that poultry auctions are allowed again! – without any intentions of buying, as I hadn’t got anywhere to put them.

But …….I couldn’t resist the two fellas above……….or a lovely pair of bantams – both lots for some reason being very cheap.


photo taken by my cousin O Eliason – professional photographer – you can tell!

This is the cockerel – does anyone know what breed he is – he and the hen are both very small, so whilst they look very like barbu d’uccles – which I’ve got a soft spot for, I think they might have been crossed with a Lemon millefleur sablepoot.  As you can see, they both ended up in the garden shed, and before long the hen got broody and I gave her a shoe box (you can see the edge of it where he’s resting his leg) which turned out to be just the right size for her!

Three weeks later her tiny chicks arrived – they were about an inch tall.


I took this one – its slightly out of focus, but then I was trying not to spook her or the chicks

At the same time, I’d bought some eggs off ebay, and put them in my old manual incubator.  Whilst buying eggs by post is about as safe as a bet on the Grand National, I’m glad to say I got 10 chicks – out of 18 eggs.  Buff Sussex and Speckled Sussex.


the chicks are about a week old here

By this time, I’d managed to get hold of a second hand ‘hen house’, and found someone to put it back together with me, but even tho’ it had wheels, I found I couldn’t move it on my own, so it, and I were stuck!

Luckily my cousin decided to visit and help me out, and by the time the chicks were getting far too active to keep indoors, we’d managed to create a nursery home for them outside.


Only to find that they were even more active than we thought – its just a hop and a jump onto the roof after all!


buff sussex chicks making themselves at home on the roof of the hen house!

I’ve since put some netting up, which keeps most of them in, and any circling red kites out – except for one of them, who keeps getting out whatever I do!

Hope you like the pics – I’ll probably post some more – cos I’m just loving having them around me – smile.

Find the chickens …..

marans, possibly a hen and a cockerel?

marans, possibly a hen and a cockerel?

The chicks are coming up to 12 weeks old now – and are out in the garden most of the time – and like all naughty kids, they will go into the fenced off area, where I have been trying to grow some flowers – I thought you might like to see how the marans have grown – but you’ll have to find them first! (there are two of them in this picture)

find the chickens

find the chickens

and – remember I told you the rose had fallen into the bed – well I took this picture when the chickens had been chased out – its just around where the chickens were hiding.

The stem on the left hand side is a vine – I got some lovely grapes last year – mmm ….

rose & vine

rose & vine

My Easter Chicks are Seven Weeks Old ….

day old chick - click to see the full list of posts on chickens!

day old chick – click to see the full list of posts on chickens!

There have been a few changes since I last took some photos of these chicks.  They’ve grown!

The Marans and Buff Sussex are mostly full feathered now, altho’ the Barnevelders are still looking a bit scraggy.  They are no longer confined to the cage, and as it was a nice day today, I let them roam around the  nearest part of the garden.  They had great fun scratching in the old pond – no water there any more – and eating the scraps I threw in for them, and took some rest time in the sun.

These are some of the pictures I took today …..click on them to see them as a slide show in a large format …..



Hello, we’ve been here three weeks now

I am re-blogging this post because of the enthusiasm of this family and they deserve a bit of support.

Unfortunately, its also a warning to newbies in the ‘backyard chicken’ world, that sometimes, things don’t go as you expected – I had quite a conversation with them in the comments section, and it would be nice if others could also offer stories from their own experience – smile!

There a Chick

ChickensWeekThree Comparison pic of the chicks since we’ve had them.

Yesterday marked the chick’s 3rd Week-aversary in our care.

We celebrated the occasion by busting our butts all weekend long (in between baseball games and  everything else we had going on) to get the not-quite finishing touches on their new coop.  DH, Little Dude and I spent Saturday afternoon cleaning up around the outside of the barn where their run is going to be.  I guess we’ve decided to put up a small run for about a month or so, until the get acclimated to the outdoors area and then remove the fencing to let them truly be free range.

The clean up is not quite done.  It included pulling weeds, removing rock, trash, scrap metal, old boards and broken window glass.  There’s a lot to do, but seeing as the chicks are still only 3 weeks oldish and most still…

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O is for there are Other chickens!

OI moved the chicks yesterday, as they had outgrown their cardboard box, and were agile enough to keep jumping out of it.

They are now about 4 weeks old and don’t need the brooder any more, so I put them in   the pen in the cellar – which opens into the garden.

You can see them at one day old HERE, and at 10 days old HERE.

As you can see, they discovered that there were OTHER CHICKENS around, and my chickens had a good look at them!