E is for my Easter chicks

EOK – I’m cheating a bit, cos the chicks were hatched between the 26th – 28th of March – see my earlier post – Easter is coming and – my chicks have just hatched!

I thought you might like to know how they are doing, and what they look like now, 10 days later, on Easter Monday.  Rather than make you go back and forth between the posts – these are them at between 1 and 3 days old:-

They are out of the incubator and into a very large cardboard box, courtesy of one of my suppliers – I think it had a large yarn order in it, and I kept it knowing it would come in useful!

the brooding pen

the brooding pen

This is the set up – I had intended to use an old brooder I have used for years which is a metal box with an electric element inside which keeps the chicks warm – but it blew the fuses all over the house when I turned it on!  I’m sure it was a loose wire and just needed a simple re-connection, but it would have meant dismantling the whole box to get to it, so once again, I found myself deciding not to bother to try and fix it, and ordered a new one thro ebay……which meant I had to keep the incubator going inside the box – propped open so the chicks could go in and out.

They “jumped with joy” when they found they had room to run around in, and have been speeding around it so fast, that it’s almost impossible to get a properly focussed picture of them!

So the incubator has stayed in the box, and the odd thing on stilts is the new brooder – which they can return to any time to benefit from the warmth of the top platform.  The brooder was only just put in the box in this picture and they were a bit scared of it, so they bunched up in their ‘safe corner’.

The box has been lined with thick wads of old newspaper, which I can peel off to keep it clean – tho’ its not very pretty – and the white blob in the foreground is a drinker, which is an upside down ‘bulb’ shape, that allows the water to be dispensed into a low channel at the bottom, so its kept clean. The dish is full of chick crumbs – a commercial produced feed for chicks that has all they need for growth – but I also feed them with scrambled eggs on wetted brown bread – after all, they hatched from eggs, which are what they fed on whilst growing inside the shell, and its the best food they can get!

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So at approx 10 days old, they have grown, and their wing feathers are beginning to develop.  They are very active, and in fact I am going to have to shore up the sides of the box, because I just found one had jumped out and was cheeping loudly for me to come and put it back in with its ‘family’.

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This week’s achievement was to manage to post a daily post for the A-Z challenge and to visit some of the other sites – as well, of course, looking after these little ones – smile!