Lies and more lies…

This is one of a series of postcards I designed and published around 1997 – its a scan of the printed card, as the original design was done so long ago and on another computer, that I don’t even know where the file is !

21_truth copyright

and these are a few lines I wrote today …… interpret them personally, politically, religiously – any way you choose ……

Oh, you lie to yourself

and to protect yourself

from your own lies

you lie to others

and you lie to me


some choose to believe you

some of them know the truth

but don’t dare to say 

so they lie to themselves


soon everyone is lying

but me

I tell you I know the truth

so you tell lies about me


you did wrong and you know it

but the truth is too hard

and you cannot admit  

to the lies you told about me


you need them to have faith in you

they need to believe in you

so –  to defend their faith

you send them out

to murder me