Hello, we’ve been here three weeks now

I am re-blogging this post because of the enthusiasm of this family and they deserve a bit of support.

Unfortunately, its also a warning to newbies in the ‘backyard chicken’ world, that sometimes, things don’t go as you expected – I had quite a conversation with them in the comments section, and it would be nice if others could also offer stories from their own experience – smile!

There a Chick

ChickensWeekThree Comparison pic of the chicks since we’ve had them.

Yesterday marked the chick’s 3rd Week-aversary in our care.

We celebrated the occasion by busting our butts all weekend long (in between baseball games and  everything else we had going on) to get the not-quite finishing touches on their new coop.  DH, Little Dude and I spent Saturday afternoon cleaning up around the outside of the barn where their run is going to be.  I guess we’ve decided to put up a small run for about a month or so, until the get acclimated to the outdoors area and then remove the fencing to let them truly be free range.

The clean up is not quite done.  It included pulling weeds, removing rock, trash, scrap metal, old boards and broken window glass.  There’s a lot to do, but seeing as the chicks are still only 3 weeks oldish and most still…

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Featured Image -- 558Do you remember Greensleeves – or that was what I thought this song was called – its a Tudor Ballad, that we used to sing at school.

“Apparently, this song was said to be written by Henry VIII, but I hugely doubt that, and research says not too!¹”

I was so impressed with this account of the sources of the song, that I thought I’d pass it on – do click to read the original, as it has a video that you can play and listen to it – in case you’ve never heard it……

Taking a Walk Through History

Greensleevesis one of my most favourite historic folk songs ever.

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rocking all over the world (the acoustic status quo)

p0296gjfI’ve never been a fan of Status Quo – I’ve enjoyed their hits, like anyone else, and I enjoyed their cameo roles in Coronation Street – and it occurred to me much later, that I once shared a car with one of them on a trip to London with a drummer friend of mine – and I hadn’t recognised him! But I’ve just had the biggest laugh in ages, watching these ‘old men’ playing acoustic versions of their hits, including Rocking All Over the World on a repeat of their 2014 concert at the Roundhouse, which was filmed for the BBC and shown tonight on BBC4. No I wasn’t laughing at them – the sight of them sitting down, with an orchestra and violins – was funny enough, but the laugh aloud moment came for me, when the camera showed the audience of oldies (sorry) singing along with them and having such fun – it was great to see!  (You might be able to catch it on BBC’s iPlayer if you want to see the whole concert.) I just looked to see if I could find a clip for you, the photo is from that concert – and look what I found instead!