Downton Abbey style dramatics in British Politics

tumblr_static_header_2I’m a Radio 4 junkie – I admit it!  Daytime only tho’, when you work from home, you can indulge yourself – smile.

I manage to wean myself off it for evening tv viewing, when the pick is anything from Corrie (Coronation Street for the uninitiated) to the stunning music history programmes on – well its BBC 4 – not the BBC’s Radio 4!

The title of this blog is taken from Eddie Mair’s amazingly funny/serious 18 minute start to this evening’s PM programme.  If you click on the link below it will take you to the programme page and you can listen to it yourself, if you want a laugh!

Pretty indulgent of the editor to allow that amount of time for the incredibly stupid debate about the ‘Will it – Won’t it happen,  and how …..and ….where and…..WHY – proposed TV Debate between the Party Leaders of the main political parties.  And,  but, are there seven major parties?

from The New Statesman

from The New Statesman

In his effort to avoid talking to Ed Milliband, (Labour), David Cameron (Conservative) is insisting there are, whilst trying to dictate to the broadcasters how they should be managed.

These debates are new to British politics, the very first one was held before the last election in 2010, and had very mixed results.  David Cameron has some reason to say that the ‘Nick Clegg effect’ (Liberal Democrat) lost him his majority and forced them both into the first ‘co-alition’ we have had since the 1940’s.

And Gordon Brown (ex Labour Prime Minister) was so stressed out, that you could say, his performances in these debates were what put an end to his career.

I do have some sympathy with ‘David’ – once tv debates start running the show, as they do in the US, real politics goes out of the window, cos no one is listening to the politics, they are just watching to see the ‘combatants’ facial expressions!  And how well they do – ie: Nick Clegg came out top in the first one – and ‘Gordon’ was lampooned for his catchphrase “I agree with Nick”.  Can YOU remember what ‘Nick’ said that ‘Gordon’ was agreeing with?  I can’t.

But ‘David’ does really seem to hate ‘Ed’ – the vitriol that pours out of him at Prime Ministers Questions in The House is palpable, and seems to me to be more than just a man being threatened by an ‘enemy’ – and he has done a good job at making ‘Ed’ look ridiculous, and smearing his name wherever he can.

What kind of sensible debate could you have when things get so heated and ugly?

However, this morning 6/3/15 –  I posted this yesterday evening – I got a request to sign a petition on asking me to support this petition:-

David Cameron: Take part in the leaders TV debates

So here is the link and you can decide whether to sign it or not!

I used to belong to the Labour Party – but I hated what Tony Blair did to it – so I’m no longer a member.  I used to hate Maggie Thatcher with a vengeance for the damage she did to this country, and I have had many heated debates with friends and family about the effect of the Tory policies during the depression.  They have damaged so many lives.

So, for me, the tv debates are only window dressing, I would probably vote Labour these days, I’m not so unsure about ‘Ed’ as many people are, but then I am not sure whether their plans will work.  I think he might suffer from the ‘Obama effect’, by which I mean that all his good intentions will get mired in the political struggles to gain ascendancy, and the forces gathered against him!

they have even got a map to show you were the flood is - looks a bit like Downton doesn't it?

they have even got a map to show you were the flood is – looks a bit like Downton doesn’t it?

‘Nuff of that – as a last aside, I also caught the flood drama on the Archers just now – why on earth are they running this story – and doing it so badly?

There was hardly any mention of rain in the days leading up to the sudden floods that are set to destroy all the settled households, and give the writers new and ‘interesting’ story lines to play with.

The Archers longevity and popularity has been due to the fact that it always felt like normal life and the only dramas they had were ones we could all relate to – Corrie used to be like that in the ‘good old days’.

New writers – new ideas – no – just leave it alone!  (But its too late now)