Mrs Adlams Angels – Ralph McTell

iuWoke up too early this morning and rather than watch the depressing world news on tv, I did another rummage in my old CD box and found one of my old mixes – this time it was Ralph McTell – smile.

Mrs Adlam’s Angels was actually on the Album Spiral Staircase – another album I still have – released in 1969 – as was the first recording of that old favourite “Streets of London” – but its

Mrs Adlams’s Angels

which I want to feature here ….

These are the lyrics:

Sundays, as a rule, us kids went to Sunday School,
And Mrs Adlam said, angels stood round our bed.
To keep us safe from dark, right through to day begun,
And we used to lie awake, just to try to see one,
And though we never saw one anywhere,
We heard them softly singing in the air.
Sundays occasionally we were invited back for tea,
And bread with jam and cream, made Sundays seem a dream.
In the dingy mission hall, Mrs Adlam praying,

And down the street back home, all our mates were playing,
With Mrs Adlam’s angels everywhere,
And we thought we saw a halo in her hair.
Sundays, for sure, ain’t like that anymore,
Its getting hard for me, to see her face in front of me.
I wonder if her angels have their arms around her curled,
Keeping her safe from life, and guarding her from the world.
On a summer Sunday evening do I dare,
To hear Mrs Adlam’s angels in the air.

This song has ‘the smell” of the 1950’s in it, one I recognise as I was a child in that era – I didn’t go to Sunday School and I didn’t meet a Mrs Adlam, but I know who she is/was, and her kindness shines through this song.

ralph mctell todayRalph McTell is still going strong and is in his 70’s – he was born in 1944 – as his wikipedia page will tell you – smile – and he is still touring – see the ralph mctell website – if you want to catch him he’s on at the Beverley Folk Festival this weekend!

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